Autonomous Music Presents: The Art of Dismantling

Welcome to 'The Art of Dismantling', an ongoing interview series. We will be interviewing different artists, musicians, and writers that utilize their gifts in an effort to instigate change. The interviews will be heavily focused on the artists political/social views, intentions, and how they feel about the impact the are or are not having in the world. Enjoy.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

interview with Franklin Lopez

“Franklin Lopez is a fantastically talented filmmaker, who has created a powerful and important film about the most important topic ever: how to stop this culture from killing the planet.”
-Derrick Jensen,
Author of Endgame

Franklin is on tour right now showing his latest film End:Civ. We were fortunate enough to catch him in Portland and Eugene, and interview him about the film and his experience with it.

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